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Our Story

Lift was born in 2013 with a singular focus – to help our clients sell more products on Amazon. Back in 2011, we were operating as a one-stop shop internet marketing agency for any and all types of clients. We built websites, created social media marketing campaigns, performed SEO, managed Google PPC accounts, and were the masters of YouTube marketing. We had become all things to all people – the proverbial jack of all trades but master of none. Well, maybe not none, but I think you understand what we’re trying to say.

However, when we sat down one day to look at what we really loved doing and the clients we really loved working with it became very obvious that e-Commerce was the one thing that we really enjoyed – loved in fact.

You know the thing that gets you so pumped that you can’t wait to wake up in the morning and put in the long hours and the hard work needed to create something awesome? Well, e-Commerce – and specifically Amazon – was that one thing for us. And if we’ve learned anything at all at this point in our lives, it’s that having one thing is pretty damn important.

Interestingly enough, many of the services we were performing for our clients in 2011 are many of the same ones we offer today. What we have learned is that creating success on Amazon requires knowing just as much about how to create engagement with tour brands followers on social media as well as how to manage expertly crafted Amazon Sponsored Ad campaigns.

So, in fact, everything we learned along the way has become useful to us as we endeavor to help our clients SELL MORE PRODUCTS, MAKE MORE MONEY and HAVE A GREATER IMPACT.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can work with us to increase your Amazon sales, we would love to have a conversation with you.

Our Team

David <b>Chandler</b>
David ChandlerProduct Marketing Guru
I love all aspects of e-Commerce marketing, but I love educating business owners about how to leverage Amazon – domestically and internationally – to explode sales growth.

In my free time I enjoy adventure races, BBQ, chasing my kids around from sporting event to sporting event and working out while listening to one of my latest, favorite podcasts.

Don <b>Bury</b>
Don BuryOnline Advertising Magician
Don has been practicing digital marketing daily since 2005, and has caused literally millions of dollars of sales to happen for clients. He’s tackled projects that required all the disciplines; from writing brief ads to writing long copy sales letters as well as building web sites designed to produce leads and sales.

Don’s specific area of expertise is Google AdWords and Amazon Sponsored Ads.

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